This workshop helps you overcome your fears of wrapping and positioning the newborns. You will learn step by step how to capture professional newborn pictures. At the end of the workshop you will have mastered the techniques of camera handling in newborn sessions, lighting techniques, photo editing, as well as methods of calming the newborns.


From this workshop you will understand how to capture flattering images of pregnant women using the posing techniques. During the workshop you will build confidence in mastering the continuous and flash lights. You will be given tips on using the pregnancy dresses as well as the secrets of interacting with mothers-to-be that help create a relaxing atmosphere during the shooting.


Winner of two Silver Prizes and 20 Bronze Awards granted by Sue Bryce ("The Portrait Masters Awards"), Alina Botica is ready to reveal to you how to create stunning fine art portraits using one single light, the secrets of getting the perfect posing, and the delicate steps you can make to enter into the universe of the women you portrait. Alina is a mentor full of patience and passion who is keen to share her knowledge with you.


With almost 10 years experience in sales and business development, Carmen, in this workshop expands your understanding on how to build your business step by step and how to make money from your passion: photography. At the end of the workshop you will be able to think about your business effectively and have learned how to better control your time and money. Her workshops inspire and motivate.


• over 600 newborn photo sessions in the studio;
• over 150 photographers have participated in her workshops;
• nearly 500 members are part of Olga's online community of newborn, maternity and family photographers;
• initiator and organiser of "Newborn, Maternity and Family Photographers Conference" in 2018 and 2019 (Cluj-Napoca, Romania.).


• 7 years of experience in newborn, maternity and family photography;
• over 400 newborns photographed;
• over 300 mothers-to-be photographed;
• over 60 maternity dresses created by Nicoleta and used in her studio.


After a career of nearly 10 years in sales and business development, Carmen has devoted herself to photography. In just a few years her studio in Munich has become successful. The experience of building her own business in photography inspired Carmen to support other photographers with their first steps in business. She enjoys being able to use her knowledge to assist them during initial development. She is skilled in making the business topics understandable and her workshops inspire and motivate photographers. Starting with 2018 she launched her second brand, "Donna Bellini Photography" in Munich, Berlin and Stuttgart.

All of the workshops involve you actively taking part in practical exercises under your mentor's careful guidance.

You will be allowed to use the pictures you have taken during the course to promote your studio.

Once you attend the workshop, you get a free membership of Carmen Bergmann Education Club, where your mentors will continue to guide you in the future and where you will meet a community like-minded people.

Our workshops are in English and fully translated to the language of the country where the workshop is being hosted.

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