- discounts of 10% - 30% at the workshops organised by Carmen Bergmann;
- photo critique of your pictures made by experienced international photographers;
- professional advice and answers of the mentors to your questions about posing, lighting, composition, marketing, business, customer relations;
- discounts to the photographers meetings and retreats organised by Carmen, where you meet in a relaxing atmosphere mentors and photographers with the same values as yours.

From 2018, Carmen is actively involved in the evolution of photographers whose success she believes. She supports their first steps in business and assists them in the development of their business by providing them with the standards and business procedures of Carmen Bergmann Studio and advising them permanently.

All the workshops involves you actively in practically exercises, under your mentor's careful guidance.

You will be allowed to use the pictures you have taken during the course to promote your studio.

Once you attend the workshop, you get a free membership of Carmen Bergmann Education Club, where your mentors will constantly guide you in the future and where you will meet a community of people like you.

Our workshops are in English and fully translated in the language of the country which hosts the workshop.

Apply for or ask for details about Carmen Bergmann Education Club.