They say a picture speaks louder than words. His speak volumes, recounting the emotional journey of the wedding ceremony as the celebration of love. Rares captures images the couples are unaware of - the actions, expressions, tears, jokes - and turns them into digital poetry. His soulful journey begins in the heart of Transilvania and has taken him all throughout Romania and Europe, as a craftsman of masterful memories and portrayal of glee. Rares’s work is acclaimed by international awards and featured in international magazines such as "Zankyou" - UK, "Norwegian Wedding Magazine", "Lápis De Noiva" - Portugal, "Boho-Weddings" - Great Britain, "Donne-moi ta main" - France and other. And yet, he is a discreet person with simple hobbies from which he draws life touching inspiration he is always ready to share. Discover more about Rares Ion - https://raresion.com